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Registration and security deposit is needed to secure a space in the day care.

Admission to Little Einsteins Child Care is based on a rolling enrollment system. Families may enroll children at any time. Acceptance is based on space availability. A registration fee is required and can be applied to the wait list if space is not currently available. A deposit is required to enroll your child and guarantee placement at the daycare.

The following is required prior to starting:

1. A completed registration form

2. A signed policy form

3. A completed Health Department medical form

4. Registration and deposit fees

Forms for each child's file are required to be completed prior to the first day of child care. Children must have a current health department medical form at the time of enrollment.

Please keep Little Einstein's informed of updated immunizations record.

Child Care Fees

 Will be discussed during your tour of the facility. Please submit a contact form at the contact us tab to schedule your own personal tour or simply call us at 718-828-6039 between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Thank you!

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